Electronic i - Button Touch Lock


Advantages of our products

Safety and Convenience for Guest

After check in, guest will be given an intelligent card with room number and valid date time information so he/she can open room door by himself/herself. Equipped with applied international bolt structure with super strong dead bolt, it is safe when bolt is locked. Hence, no one can open the door without your permission (using emergency card to open the door during accident). Guest can trace the opening door history records from database. He or she can print all records as evidence to judge authenticity of the contingent. Innohaus intelligent card key is multi-encrypted and drastically overcomes limitation of mechanical key which can be duplicated easily. Intelligent card key is portable, safe and credible for hotels and guests.

Scientific and Effective management of Hotel

Innohaus intelligent card management system has many different functionality cards. Hotel management can be implemented effectively. Innohaus intelligent card lock can be used with charging terminals and access control system. It implements multipurpose for one card. it is named "one card system".

Benefit of Hotel

Guest always choose a hotel with good environment, safety and convenience. Innohaus intelligent card locks supply those crucial needs to customers. Innohaus intelligent card locks locked automatically when the card time has expired or guest's deposit is not enough. The intelligent card management system helps hotel to resolve problems. Innohaus intelligent card is safe as it cannot be duplicated. Innohaus intelligent card locks and management system enhances efficiency of hotel management.

Electronic Fingerprint Lock


Electronic Transponder Lock

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