Electronic i Touch Card Lock


Feautures of the system

Operationg Environment: Using the most popular Customer/Server (C/S) mode of the world. Server uses WINDOWS NT SERVER 4.0 version; workstation uses WINDOWS 9A system and any higher version is compatible; database uses large database SQL-SERVER 7.0.

Hardware System: The least distribution of the server is Pentium2 233. harddisk 2Gb. Memory 64Mb (suggestion Pentium2 350, harddisk 6.4Gb, memory 128Mb).The least distribution of the workstation is 586/166, harddisk 1 Gb, memory 16Mb (suggestions Pentium2 266, harddisk 4.3Gb, memory 32Mb).

Development Environment: It was developed by using Delphi 6.0. It uses SQL-SERVER 7.0 large distributed management system and gives the best solution on the enterprise level.

Structure of the Innohaus "one-card through" Hotel Management software system.

Proscenium System: Booking System(Individual Booking, Group Booking), Proscenium Reception System (Individual Register, Other Auxiliary Functions), Door and Lock Management System, History of Guests Management System. Procesium Cashing System. Proscenium Inquiry System, Guest Room Management System, General manager Inquiry System.

Backstage System: Accounting Management System. Personnel Attendance System, Parking Lot Management System, Electronic Patrol System.

Dining and Recreation: Dining System. Recreation Consumption System.

Phone Billing System.

Interface System: Program-Controlled Exchange Machine, Business POS Machine Long-Distance Upholding, Long-Distance Booking.

Lock Clock management

The lock has a hardware clock management system. Guests are limited by the clock. The door lock cannot be opened if the time limit expires in order to avoid guests escaping payment.

Lock Opening Report Memory

239 lock opening records are stored in the lock. The report is automatically refreshed. It is available to trace the report on when and what time the doors have been opened. Meanwhile, it is also available to trace who issued the card and what card it is. This plays a very important role for lock management. this effectively protects the safety of hotels.

Electronic IC Card Lock


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